<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/10/23/56/180827050012.jpg?t=1594745466"><br>Beethoven Dr 39 Plus Acres Flat buildable usable 39.23 acres only 14 minutes from town on a very drive-able gravel road. Turn this gem into anything you want including the opportunity to split it into smaller parcels! Seller has no knowledge about the property, this is an estate sale. Desert plant material, sandy soil, easy fencing, easy digging - bring your imagination and turn this into desert paradise! Usable 39+ Acs Horses OK Kingman AZ! Kingman lies in the midst of breathtaking natural beauty with a sunny Arizona lifestyle. Kingman's elevation, at 3,336 feet provides an ideal southwestern climate, neither too hot nor too cold! Our dry climate is pollen-free, to add to its health-giving attributes. Usable 39+ Acs Horses OK Kingman AZ! With a strong work force, a growing elder community, and strong, close-knit, family atmosphere. Usable 39+ Acs Horses OK Kingman AZ! <br>